Big Changes in 2023 are coming to make us the Best Disney Subscription Box

Why is The Mouse Merch Box the Best Disney Subscription Box?

We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

-Walt Disney

We Are Creating More Magic

We know that we have had our fair share of having issues just like everyone else and we have created a road map to be able to create more magic for you than ever in 2023! Our only goal is to create the Best Disney Subscription Box in all the world. We used to do this constantly and after a few things fell apart, we got a little stuck.

2023, we are back to being the Best Disney Subscription Box! If you have looked at reviews lately, they are all rave reviews! We have 100% full intensions of keeping things this way. Below is our roadmap for 2023!

Changes. 01. Customer Experience. 2023, we are investing in our tech to bring a better customer experience to you. 02.. The Mouse Merch Box App. We have built the app and we are working to make it even better for you to use and create more Disney Magic! 03. Merchandise. Now that we are switching to only Mystery Boxes, our product offering will be more magical and beneficial to you!

Customer Experience

What is the biggest part of Disney Magic? Customer Experience! Disney is all about creating magic and so are we! In our Quest to become the Best Disney Subscription Box, we have amped up our customer support with a new chat widget and a dedicated help page so you can contact us directly! From our new chat widget, you can message us directly and your message will go to a housed server where we can do everything within minutes! Need to return something? Click the request a return button. Need to upgrade or downgrade your box, message us and we can have your next box upgraded or downgraded! 

We really want everything to be easier for you! So amping our Customer Experience is the number 1 priority for 2023! This is the start to the quest to become the Best Disney Subscription Box!

The Mouse Merch Box App

While we were dreaming of ways to become The Best Disney Subscription Box, we thought about innovation and technology! We thought about how magical an app would be and how much that would create magic for you! We have launched our app and so far, everyone loves it!

We are working hard to make our app even better! We will be adding app exclusive merchandise on starting January 10th, we will be doing app exclusive discounts (up to 80% off sometimes), and we will be giving you more magic points if you use the app to make a  purchase! We already give you 1000 points if you download the app! All you have to do is send us a screenshot of the app!

In our quest to be The Best Disney Subscription Box, our app was a non-negotiable. We love it, you love it, and it is MAGICAL FOR EVERYONE!

If you want to download our app, click or scan the QR Code below!

The Mouse Merch Box App QR Code

The Best Subscription Box Merchandise

What would the Best Disney Subscription Box be without great Disney Merchandise? The short answer is nothing. We have started to partner with more licensees and even Disney Parks! You can expect your box to be magical in every way! We have a licensee in the works to get exclusive shirts for us to add to the boxes! Additionally, we are working on a way to have exclusive merchandise in at leas 4/12 box a year! We are hoping to launch our next exclusive in April! 

For The Mouse Merch Box to be The Best Disney Subscription Box, we will create magic and lean into our Core Values more than we ever have. We have narrowed down our Core Values to be only what will create magic for you! If you have not read them, click the button below to take a look!

What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments! We are excited to be The Best Disney Subscription Box and create magic for you and everyone else around the world!

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