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The Blind Box


The Blind Box - The Mouse Merch Box

It's Wednesday! Come get your new blind box!

What everything means:

"No Shirt No Ears": you get all product just no shirt or ears

"Size Shirt": You get all product and a shirt, no ears

"Ears": You get all product plus a pair of ears, no shirt

"Shirt size and Ears": You get a shirt, ears, and product!

What others think

Love The Mouse Merch box!! The never fail to put a smile on my face every month!

– Sarah Cullins

We ordered a box over the holidays. It was a mystery box. Inside we were blown away! Not only did we get an awesome Churros tee from GASCO, we also got many pins, patches and soaps also included! The shirt fit my son perfectly and he wears it all the time! The little tsum tsum soaps are on display in our bathroom because they are too cute to use! And the pins are so unique and perfect addition to our growing small shop pin collection! The box shipped fast and the presentation was flawless!

– Angela Brown


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