Our Top 5 Most Inspiration Disney Songs

Our Top 5 Most Inspiration Disney Songs

Inspiring Disney Songs that Last a Lifetime

As someone who used to be a professional musician (probably didn't know that did ya?!), music is very very important to me and my mood. When I need inspiration, I can always find it in Disney Music! Songs about going the distance or digging deep! You know, the good stuff! 

Today we are doing a deep dive into our top 5 Inspirational Disney Songs! If you click the picture, you will be able to open the song and listen to it!

#5: Touch the Sky - Brave

We are starting off strong with Touch the Sky from Brave! As a music person, there is some psychological thing that makes everyone love a good folk tribal beat! Pair it with some inspiration and it hits perfectly!

#4: Happily Every After - Jordan Fisher

Honestly, this would usually be Number 1 but today is a different day! Obviously we are all chasing our Happily Ever After! Jordan Fisher absolutely makes everyone cry every single night when the fireworks go off! Obviously the Classic Disney Music with the fireworks makes it even better!

#3: Almost There - Princess and the Frog

As someone who always feels like they are working hard and just not getting quite the results they want, I feel this on a personal level! Tiana does great with this song. It has the emotion of chasing your dreams and being so. dang. CLOSE! Disney Music takes this one to a new level

#2: How Far I'll Go - Moana

If you haven't caught on, we are big distance people over here! First off, Pua is in this song running around and that gives it enough for me to be #1 overall. Unfortunately that is not what we are ranking! Everyone has a dream to escape their home and make it somewhere! I was able to do this as a kid and this song really resonates! I also love that this Disney Song is an inspiration to young girls all over the world! Dream Big Princess!

#1: Go the Distance - Hercules

Back to the distance thing…This song really is the best when it comes to inspiration! I feel this on a deep level with Mouse Merch Box and really really do listen to this every single day! For me, 1000 years would be worth the struggle and work to achieve our goal here and create magic for everyone around the world! So yea, this song is perfection!

Do you agree with our list of the Top 5 Disney Songs in this list? Are you feeling inspired to go listen to them? We are inspired often by these songs and love to work. We have big dreams here at The Mouse Merch Box and I know we are so close to achieving them!

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