This is going to be quick and not a fun post but it is important. On Saturday at 11PM, my wife was admitted into the ER and is now staying at the hospital for an undetermined amount of time. Most of my day is spent with her or doing things to make everything easier for her when she returns.


For MMB, this means shipments are going to be delayed until I can get back to the office. If you have an order go through and you want to cancel the order, please respond to your order confirmation email or send me a message in the chat. If you would like to pause your subscription, please log into your account and pause it there.


Obviously this is not something I want to do but for you, our customers and friends who make magic for us, this is the only option. It is also something I have to do for my wife. I can't help her when I am stressed about MMB. 


Thank you all for understanding. If you have an open chat ticket, I will continue to try my best to get to it as soon as I can!


-Austin Frederick, The Mouse Merch Box

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