Our 10 Favorite Hidden Gems

Our 10 Favorite Hidden Gems in Disney World and Disneyland Resort

Disney World and Disneyland Resort are full of magic and surprises, but there are some lesser-known attractions and experiences that are often overlooked. In this blog post, we'll share our top 10 hidden gems across these two iconic Disney destinations, so you can add these unique discoveries to your next Disney vacation.

#10: Tom Sawyer Island (Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Resort)

A peaceful escape from the bustling parks, Tom Sawyer Island offers winding trails, secret caves, and scenic views. Accessible by a charming raft ride, this immersive island is perfect for exploration and relaxation.

#9: The Windows on Main Street (Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Resort)

As you stroll down Main Street, take a moment to admire the windows above the shops. These windows honor Disney legends and feature fictional businesses inspired by their contributions to the Disney legacy.

#8: Main Street Cinema (Disneyland Resort)

Step back in time and enjoy a collection of classic Disney animated shorts at the Main Street Cinema. This quaint theater showcases vintage cartoons in a cozy, nostalgic setting.

#7: The Animation Academy (Disneyland Resort's California Adventure)

Unleash your inner artist by joining a hands-on drawing class led by a Disney animator. Learn to sketch your favorite Disney characters, and take home your masterpiece as a unique souvenir. This used to be a gem in Hollywood Studios as well but now comes back to Epcot for Festival of the Arts every year!

#6: The Carolwood Pacific Room (Disney World's Wilderness Lodge)

A hidden treasure for train enthusiasts, this cozy room features memorabilia from Walt Disney's personal backyard railroad, the Carolwood Pacific. It is also known as the “Iron Spike Room” — might best be defined by its other nickname, which is quite simply “The Train Room.”

#5: Trader Sam's: The Enchanting Tiki Bars of Disney World and Disneyland

Immerse yourself in the world of Trader Sam's, the captivating tiki bars at both Disney World and Disneyland. With their exotic drinks, whimsical decor, and interactive experiences, these enchanted watering holes promise a unique and memorable experience for guests. Explore the mystical origins, must-try concoctions, and charming surprises that make Trader Sam's a beloved destination for Disney fans and tiki enthusiasts alike. This is my personal favorite place on property but I know it is not everyone's favorite.

#4: The Chapeau Telephone (Disney World's Magic Kingdom)

Step inside the Chapeau on Main Street USA and discover a vintage telephone that connects you to some amusing conversations from the past! It is also a good spot to chill in the summer when it is really really hot!

#3: Red Car Trolley (Disney's California Adventure)

A historic streetcar that transports guests through Disney California Adventure Park, providing a nostalgic and scenic ride.

#2: The Talking Trash Cans (Disney World)

Keep an eye out for Push and Pipa, the talking trash cans, as they interact with guests and provide some unexpected entertainment throughout the park. I know where Push is at Epcot and it scared me to death when I heard it talk. I don't know where Pipa is. Rumors are they like to hang around Magic Kingdom!

#1: Living With the Land (Epcot)

The best ride for anyone who grew up in the midwest and the best ride when you need to chill! A gentle boat ride in Epcot that takes guests through greenhouses and fish farming areas, showcasing sustainable agriculture and innovative growing techniques.

Disney World and Disneyland Resort have countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. By venturing off the beaten path and exploring these lesser-known attractions, you'll create even more magical memories during your Disney vacation.

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