About Us

The Mouse Merch Box is a collective of magic led by Austin and Katie Frederick! MMB was created in 2017 with the sole goal of spreading magic to all corners of the world. The only goal of The Mouse Merch Box, is to create happiness, create joy, and create magic. Whether that is throwing extra goodies into an order for that extra pixie dust, or partnering with a conservation to save animals and the environment.

The MMB team call themselves "Magic Makers." Every time a decision is made, the customer is always at the forefront and our goal is to figure out how to make magic for that individual person. Being inspired by the magic of Walt Disney every day, this name seemed to fit perfectly.

The Box and product inside brings back memories of visiting the parks with your family, seeing the castle for the first time, and getting a huge whiff of freshly cooked churros. It is also here to make new memories when you walk into the park to take that perfect Instagram photo in front of the iconic Galaxy Wall. The Box lives and breathes to make magic. Nothing ever goes unsolved here without thinking about how we can make the most magic.