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Introducing, The Mouse Merch Box App!

We have been working really hard with something big. Let me bring it back a little, Bob Iger has returned to take control as Disney CEO! Naturally, we had to re-read his book, "The Ride of a Lifetime." There is a very important line in the book that we live by.

“Innovate or die, and there’s no innovation if you operate out of fear of the new or untested.”

-Bob Iger, CEO of the Disney Company

So that is exactly what we did. We have created an innovation for The Mouse Merch Box. We like to stay aligned with the Disney Company in their innovation efforts. We are excited to announce the launch of our new Mobile App!

With the launch of our new app, you are able to manage your account, place orders, get exclusive discounts, and get exclusive merch! With the tech we have used to create this app, you can click the button below and you will be taken to your respective app store whether that be the Apple App Store or Google Play Store! We are so excited to launch this and we know you will love it too!

Preview picture for the Mouse Merch Box App Announcement

What to expect in our app?

In the app, we will be giving exclusive discounts (60% off your first subscription with code: APP60). We will be sending you discounts straight to your phone with push notifications so you know exactly what discount code to use and what product to use it on! It is pure magic!

Daily exclusive Marvel Shirts (soon we will be adding Disney, Star Wars, and Pixar). These will range from unisex shirts, women's only, and kids! We have been dreaming of this for a few years and luckily with Disney Magic, we have made it happen!

Walt Disney Quotes! We are big believers in living by Walt's Words and chasing our dreams! Hopefully by sending you the wise words of Walt, we can also give you some extra Disney Magic to start your week!

Ready to download the app and experience Disney Magic in your own hands?

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