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Disney Springs Restaurant Guide

Disney Springs Restaurant Guide

Sophie here, back at it again with another foodie blog post! I just like food, okay? It’s definitely a weird time we’re still going through with this whole quarantine business and I don’t know about you guys but I miss Disney. Preferably, Disney Springs bars and restaurants. There’s something so comfy about the Springs and it’s the best place for a hangout, date night, shopping experience or to just get out of the house, (which we cannot do right now thanks to myself for reminding me)! So, here I am typing to you in my kitchen eating pineapple and listening to WDW Today Channel on YouTube. Why don’t you do the same- kick back, relax and read my reviews on each Disney Springs dining experience! For the sake of length, I’m going to exclude food trucks, outdoor kiosks (unless their honorable mentions) and the AMC dine-in and quick service and also mention those I have not tried.


First up is: Amorette’s Patisserie:

  • Amorette’s is a French-style patisserie in the town center next to World of Disney. Their cakes are PHENOMENAL. On my 21st birthday my mom had one of their Minnie mouse cakes made and delivered to The Boathouse where I had my birthday dinner. They pretty much can make any cake you could ever want and they deliver it on property! They are pretty pricey but worth it. For instance, the cake my mom had made for me was a chocolate orange, chocolate flavored cake with little orange crunch bites inbetween each layer. It tasted just like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, which is my favorite thing of all time. They also have seasonal items that people will line out the door for!

Next is Aristo Crepes. Is this considered a food truck? I’m not sure but it’s an honorable mention:

  • I HAVE NOT BEEN HERE yet but I want to so badly. Cody and I love When we went to Italy we basically had two crepes per day. This spot is great because you can get any type of crepe you can think of- savory to sweet. I will definitely have to give their Nutella and banana one a try. They also serve bubble waffles and a couple alcoholic drinks. Their most popular alcoholic drink is their Grand Marnier Orange Freeze which you can also get at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival! So for those who go to the Springs and don’t have a pass to stop by the festival in the spring, head to Aristo Crepes to try that, (a tip by me)! Also a want to try for me is the Absolut Citron Lemonade Slushy, seriously, why have I not had that yet, (mom, Austin)?!

Up next is Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza: Can you tell I’m going in alphabetical order yet?

  • First, I’m just gonna go ahead and say this- unpopular opinion but I am not a fan. MOST people in the Orlando area and visitors to the Springs stan Preceding, most people I’ve talked to that have been to other Blaze pizzas have said that the Disney Springs Blaze is better than the rest. I can’t say this is true because I have been to one in Chicago and the one here and I can honestly say that I have not had a decent meal here. I might have to give it another try, but for now my judgment stays. With that being said, it is a must try- ninety percent of people love it!

Succeeding, because it’s the holy land of ALL Disney restaurants: The Boathouse!

  • I’m going to start off with that I am biased when it comes to The Boathouse, BUT it is phenomenal. From the ambience to the staff to the food, it is a MUST, (but don’t crowd it so much that I can’t spend my Saturdays there anymore). Their atmosphere is boat themed, hence The Boathouse, and it is SO well done and themed. They have different rooms you can sit in, as well as the bar and patio seating. They also have a great out door bar and outside first-come first-serve seating. Their cocktails are out of this world, coconut mojito being my Cody and Austin love their old fashions and my mom is partial to their fruity cocktails. Their bread service is impeccable; sweet Hawaiian rolls with honey drizzle, (my mouth is watering)! Their staff is always SO hospitable and their seafood is fabulous. For those who typically don’t eat seafood, their steaks (which my mom always gets) are always perfectly done. They are owned by Gibson’s, a Chicago-based steak restaurant. If you go, do yourself a favor and get their truffle fries. They won’t disappoint.

Following that, (I mean how could you) is Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’:

  • Homecomin’ is a southern-style restaurant. On the Disney website it is explained that it is a “farm-to-fork cuisine”. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Landing at the Springs. I have only ever been there once and that was with the Mouse Merch Box themselves for lunch, but I’d love to try their breakfast, (mainly so I can get brunch drunk because their cocktails look incredible). Everyone I’ve talked to including myself is medium about this restaurant. When I say medium, I’m meaning it’s not the best- its good, and certainly not the worst. I had chili which wasn’t as good as my moms’ chili but it was Everyone else I went with had a version of a burger or chicken and they all said it was good too. I will definitely go again and try some other items. Their Cuban sandwich looks different and appealing and their drinks are worthy of a chefs’ kiss.

Up next is Chicken Guy: I’m so sad I haven’t tried this restaurant yet! Every time I go to try it, we end up not being hungry for that type of food or we go to The Boathouse.

  • Chicken Guy is owned by the renowned Guy Fieri and it has RAVING reviews. Everyone who I have met that has been there adores it. I frankly want to try their Mac Daddy Mac and Cheese, their Loaded fries and the chicken tenders. Oh and their sauces; they have over 20 different sauces to choose from so there’s bound to be one for everyone!

Next we’re taking a trip over to the West side to the new brewery, City Works Eatery & Pour House:

  • I went here when it first opened with our friend visiting from Chicago who loves beer. Every beer he had he said was spotless, (and I’m not a huge beer drinker so I’m going to take his word on it). City Works serves brunch, lunch and dinner and I’d love to try their brunch someday. We went for dinner, and I had a salmon burger that was so good and perfectly done. I also had sweet potato fries so I mean I couldn’t have picked a better selection. Everyone there said their burgers were great and apps were decent. It’s a must for those who love updates bar food and BEER.

Following, is D-Luxe Burger in the Town Center:

  • I have, again, never been to D-Luxe, (I’m really starting to see how many new restaurants I have to try once we can, you know, LEAVE the house). If you love burgers, you’ll love D-Luxe. Cody is a HUGE burger lover and has been wanting to try this spot, and Austin and Katie love it. Needless to say, it’s a “gourmet burger and good fry” place. I definitely have to go. They also serve breakfast and alcohol incase you’re looking for one of those and want a new place to try.

Up next is one of my FAVORITE quick service places to catch a sandwich, Earl of Sandwich:

  • I’ve learned that Earl of Sandwich is a chain, and those who have been to others are not partial to this quick service restaurant but I love it. I’m a fan of Which Wich, for those of you who know what that is, and this is VERY similar. I am a tuna fan and their tuna sandwich was fab. The cookies and deserts are great, their lemonade is awesome and their theming is on point. Story goes, it was founded/created by John Montagu who created the first sandwich in Sandwich, England which I think is so cool because my cousins lived there for a short time. I don’t know if I believe he invented the sandwich but the story is still interesting and follows the theming of the restaurants’ interior.

Following, is The Edison:

  • The Edison is a speakeasy-type restaurant with the coolest vibe. Their drinks are good, and food is definitely eclectic. It’s definitely more of a throw-back sense of theme and at night they have dancers, live music and aerialists. They have an array of baked mac and cheese that Cody would love but has yet to try, tons of flawless gourmet burgers, as well as candied bacon and multiple different types of entrees and apps.

Next up is Enzo’s Hideaway and Maria and Enzo’s:

  • I have never actually eaten in either of these restaurants but I’ve heard amazing things about both. Enzo’s Hideaway I have gotten drinks at, and their margaritas are fabulous. The interior is a very cool, speakeasy type tunnel in which you eat in. Both restaurants are Italian, Maria and Enzo’s being up on floor level, and in a big open space.

Erin McKennas:

  • I love Erin McKennas. It’s a vegan and gluten free dessert shop with the best breakfast pastries and desserts. Their crumb cakes are a must, as well as basically everything else on their menu.

Up next is Frontera Cocina:

  • I have only ever gotten drinks and appetizers here, (sensing a theme here). But I can definitely vouch for their margaritas, chips, salsa and guacamole. Their entrée menu is pretty small, and I am quite picky when it comes to my Mexican food. With that being said, I have heard medium things about this restaurant, probably mainly because of their small menu. If you’re bar hopping and in need of good, authentic drinks and chips- this is your place.

**I AM SKIPPING Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop because I’d like to think you all know and love it**

With that being said, House of Blues Restaurant & Bar is next on the list:

  • House of Blues is a vibe in itself. We recently went to a concert in November at their venue side and it was such a fun place to see a concert at! Cody and I went for dinner probably a year ago, and it was fine, not the best but not the worst. The ambiance I think is mainly what people go for, and their mixed, southern drinks. I had a platter of ribs with all the typical sides and they were too fatty for me. Cody I’m pretty sure had a burger, (no shocker there), and loved it. It’s definitely a must-go, but it is a chain and odds are you’ve been to one before.

Another restaurant I have yet to go to, Jaleo by Jose Andres:

  • I do really want to try this restaurant, as it is newer to Disney Springs. It is a Spanish themed restaurant located at the West Side of the Springs. Their menu is in Spanish which is really cool and authentic. This restaurant has lots of great tapas, cured meats if you’re into that, soups and salads, fish and more. Definitely a try if you’re looking for something more adventurous on your trip to Orlando or just want to try something new.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is following and I love this place!

  • Hangar Bar is just that, more of a It is the coolest, most authentic bar I’ve been to at Disney Springs and themed after Indiana Jones’ pilot- how cool is that?! Their drinks are immaculate- from their old fashions, margaritas, sangrias, mojitos and their midori mixed drinks, we’ve had them all and their all SO good. For their food, they’re mainly appetizer-type snacks. Their pirate pretzel is very good, along with their tacos. They are open late so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a later-night snack to go with your bar crawl!

If you’re a fan of pan-asian, Morimoto Asia is for you!

  • Moritmoto Asia is located right in the center of the Landing at the Springs. The chef is Chef Morimoto from Iron Chef America and the restaurant is STUNNING. Cody and I love seafood and sushi, so I’m not sure why we haven’t tried this yet, (Cody I sense a date night coming on). It is on the pricier side, so keep that in mind. Their cocktails vary from American manhattans to sake and their food from ramen to sushi to bao buns. Everybody I know who has been here loves it and keeps returning! It is a must when going to Disney Springs.

Up next is Paddlefish:

  • We love Paddlefish! Although it is mainly a seafood restaurant, my mom loves their steaks. The atmosphere is remarkable because it is in a boat on the water. They have a rooftop bar area where, on a nice night, you can sit and relax under the stars on the water. Their Sangria is fabulous, probably the best Sangria on Disney Property. They do have a larger menu and tons of yummy cocktails to try next time you go!

Yet another restaurant I haven’t been to but in my defense, I’ve been wanting to go for SO long. This is Paradiso 37:

  • Paradiso 37 is classed as a “taste of the Americas” ranging from more Mexican-style dishes to mac and cheese, flatbreads and burgers. Their street corn I’ve heard is amazing and I’m quite partial to a quesadilla and theirs is meant to be AWESOME. Everyone I know that has been here has said that this is another medium restaurant, not good nor bad. That being said, they have an incredible happy hour and a HUGE cocktail menu. Definitely have to make this one a priority!

Planet Hollywood comes after and I’m so excited about this because Cody and I are having our rehearsal dinner here in October!

  • I have been to Planet Hollywood a couple of times. Last time, more recently last summer when my cousin from England came to visit us. We got sick, but we didn’t know if it was from the food of the excruciating heat of Florida. I’m hoping it wasn’t the food else my whole wedding party will succumb to it- why am I rambling about this- yikes okay. ANYWAY. Tons and tons of options here, seriously, the menu is HUGE. The drink menu is HUGE, the portions are huge. Basically, think typically American cuisine but with a SUPER cool Hollywood music and movie scene. The whole vibe gears to Hollywood and the music and movie industry with memorabilia and a screen that plays music videos all day. It truly is a cool place to dine.

Following, is The Polite Pig:

  • Sad, because we were going to go here before the quarantine started, so it’s yet another I haven’t been to- don’t judge. Polite Pig is a BBQ restaurant but think better than most BBQ’s that are out there. From what I’ve heard and seen, the meats aren’t as fatty as other barbeque restaurants and their sides are incredible. Think the normal sides like corn bread and mac and cheese bur reinvented and with healthier options as well like Brussel sprouts. This restaurant is also a bourbon bar which is SO cool!

If you’re a fan of the Irish, hit up Raglan Road:

  • Raglan Road is an Irish pub with live music, brunch, lunch and dinner. They have great beers and typically Irish themed cocktails. They have some “Irish” themed foods like fish and chips and bangers and mash, but really they’re more English than just Irish, (those items did come from England, after all). This restaurant is a FUN scene and a great dig, you must try if you’re looking to sit back and watch some cool violinists and drink European cider, (which is basically my life). They also offer late night dining, so do that.

**Next is Rainforest Café which I’m going to skip because odds are you’ve BEEN TO ONE. They are EVERYWHERE. They do have a cool bar tho.**

The next Restaurant is STK Orlando:

  • I’m going to preface this with it not being one of my faves. My mom and Cody on the other hand, LOVE STK. STK is a steakhouse and They do offer brunch which is cool and I’m bound to give that a try sometime. They have a rooftop bar which I’m dying to give a go because it is on the ROOFTOP with little lights and heaters and is A MUST, basically. Now, the menu, it is a Steak based restaurant. Think different steaks, sauces and mashed potatoes. They have great wine and salads, but if you’re not a huge steak lover, this might not be for you. Their bread service, let me touch on that. They offer bread rolls with butter and blue cheese? I was NOT a fan. I don’t eat much buttery, cheesy things and they were drenched. If you like that kind of thing, kudos to you, lots of people LOVE it.

For the Italian lovers, there’s another great option- Terralina Crafted Italian:

  • I have heard mixed reviews on this restaurant, but I personally liked it. I do have other Italian restaurants I prefer over this, it’s not the best Italian, but it is good. It has different choices and much more options than Enzo’s, but more people seemingly like Enzo’s a bit better. Their bread service is pretty standard when it comes to typical Italian bread and oil, (can you tell I like bread). Very good pizzas and pastas and some items from the grill. If you like a good, safe Italian for picky eaters, this is your stop!

Wine Bar George is following, and it is an OUTSTANDING little eatery and bar.

  • Wine Bar George is a wine bar, (shocker I know) which has more food pairings that go well with wine rather than foodie foods. I actually went here the day before quarantine hit with my best friend who was visiting from Chicago and we STAYED there. First thing is first, DOLE WHIP FROSCATO MIMOSA. That is all. Okay but really, it’s a Dole whip with vodka, moscato and Prosecco floated on top. It’s the epitome of brunch and all things happy in a drink and you wont regret it. From cheese and butcher boards to mac and cheese bites to INCREDIBLE hummus plates, this foodie spot is fabulous. Their wine and bites are great, and they also serve brunch- something I clearly need to do more of. They also have a cute little outdoor stand called the Basket where you can get to go’s of drinks like the dole whip froscato and LIME dole whip “friezling” which is made with Riesling wine, again another kiss to the chef. You can get incredible to-go sandwiches from here and a basket for picnics, the cutest idea EVER.

Last but not least is Wolfgang Puck Bar and Gril:

  • I love this restaurant SO much. Their pizzas are TO DIE FOR and exactly like fresh Italian pizzas. They have a pizza oven in the restaurant where you can see them make it for you. Their cocktails are wholesome and incredible and everything on the menu that I have had or people I know have had are great. You do have to pay for their bread service, but trust me when I say its worth it. They have focaccia bread with caramelized onions and Rosemary olive oil to dip. Their take on the traditional spaghetti and meatballs is SO good, along with their other pastas and mac and cheese. Even their meatloaf is too good to be true! If you’ve saved room for dessert after devouring the entire menu, their gelato is REMARKABLE and tastes just like real Italian gelato.


With that being the end of my journey down the Disney Springs restaurant list, I’m starving and need myself some lunch. Also, I’m really bad at outro’s. Reminiscing on the cool finds you can have at the Springs while in Quarantine is the best we can do at a time like this, and just know that they’re awaiting our return. Stay happy and healthy, friends, and catch a cocktail for me when you can finally go back to Disney Springs. SEE YA real soon!


Sophie, @pixiedustandpunk


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