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Disney At Home

Disney At Home

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to Disney we go- or so we wish! Most of you by now know, probably the hard way, that the closures on the Disney parks are going to last much longer than first anticipated. We are all sad and we’re all in the same boat. We miss Disney, but, it’s better we all keep our distance and stay safe during this time of uncertainty and do our part in social distancing so we can get back to the magic very soon!


Sophie here, today we’re going to be talking about how to keep the magic alive! No, not in your relationships, but with the Disney magic we all love and miss. This can be a hard time for everyone but one thing that stays magical is Disney! Even though we can’t go at this time, and a lot of your trips have been canceled/postponed, there are some Disney-inspired things you can do to make this time extra happy. Without further or do, put on your cozy Disney pj's, grab your favorite themed mug and think happy thoughts!


First thing’s first, the easiest way to add a little magic into your lives- movies. Disney moves, without a doubt, are the cheeriest way to bring magic into your lives. Disney has made this SUPER easy with now having their streaming service Disney+. If you don’t have a Disney+ subscription, (get one) you can find Disney movies ANYWHERE- your local grocery store, Amazon, YouTube, heck your parents probably still have some sitting around! You can watch one, two, as many movies as you like in this time of isolation and you can even have movie marathons. There are tons of sequels and trilogies within Disney and you have them all to pick from!


With that being said, turn your movie viewing or marathon into a themed night! You can turn your average movie night into a themed dinner or game night by choosing things that go along with the storyline to the movie! For instance, if you were watching Lady and the Tramp, eat some spaghetti with it! If you were watching (my favorite) Alice in Wonderland, throw yourself a little tea party. Even if your game consists of taking a drink every time Gaston talks about himself during BATB, (okay not recommended). There are tons of ideas online or on Pinterest- be CREATIVE and have fun with it!


Disney games can be purchased in most places, too. If you like electronic games and have a gaming station, you can literally type into the search engine “Disney video games” and so many come up. The same goes for board games- the possibilities are endless. Check out your local Target or Amazon online for an abundance of Disney games!


Next, the way to my heart is mostly food, and there are so many Disney foodie things to do at home. Love the famous Disney waffles? There’s a special waffle maker for that! You can make homemade Dole whip with a quick recipe from Pinterest, pickup mickey premium bars from the freezer section at the grocery store, get Disney cookie cutters to add pixie dust to your favorite cookie recipe, and more! Heck, if you love Disney popcorn as much as most people do, you can even eat some while watching a Disney movie to pretend you’re there. You can even find recipes specifically from the parks and things you might not have known you missed. You can also find your fave Disney cocktail recipe and put it to the test- will yours be better than the original? Again, if you google at-home Disney recipes, you’re sure to find one that fancies you.  


Who else loves the Magic Kingdom firework display? Fun fact it’s Cody and I’s favorite thing at WDW- he even quoted the Happily Ever After song in his proposal! You can find the Happily Ever After song on most music platforms, including Apple Music and iTunes. If you want the full fireworks show, pull it up on YouTube and stream the entire show for you to watch and enjoy! Watch it here! You can do the same with other Disney shows and parades. More recently, Disney Parks launched the new Magic Happens parade from Disneyland California on YouTube and it was BREATHTAKING to watch in this time of scariness. You can watch it here! Make it interesting, lately, I saw someone on TikTok recreated a Disney parade by having someone drag them in a sled and dressed up as the characters from the floats- get creative!


With streaming, you can find almost any soundtrack on YouTube. Right now, in fact, I’m listening to Disney’s Polynesian Resort Music on a loop from YouTube. The Polynesian has always been home for me, and with going to Tahiti last year I now know how incredibly accurate their theming is which makes me love it even more. Think of your truest, happy self while at Disney and imagine where it is and what music is playing in the background. Is it walking around the World Showcase in Epcot, or even on Disney’s Magical Express going from the airport to your home for the trip? The possibilities are endless and I encourage you to look it up and find your happy place. With that being said, if you haven’t already, create your own Disney playlist! Whatever music platform you have you can find Disney songs and park songs to add to it. If you don’t listen to music regularly, (if not, what are you doing?) you can pop some on while you’re cooking dinner, online or even when you’re trying to fall asleep. Listening to music does wonders for stress- especially when it’s happy Disney music!


If you want to do something more low-key that is provided for you, there are always Disney podcasts, blogs, and vlogs for you to explore. I have a few favorites of my own of all of these, and you can DM me on Instagram if you’d like to know mine (@pixiedustandpunk).


Lastly, plan your next trip. Not knowing when the parks will be open next can be scary and weird, but plan it out for when you know for sure! Think of what rides you’d want to ride, what foods you want to eat and where your first stop will be. Compile a list of dining reservations you want to try and snag and what outfits you want to wear, (no, just me?). Make it inspiring and exciting to think that it will happen- hopefully very soon, and if all else fails, use this outline to make magic happen in your home!


Stay safe and inside- use this time to better yourself and reflect! See you in the parks soon, xoxo.


Sophie (@pixiedustandpunk)

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Apr 01, 2020 • Posted by Rachel O'Driscoll

I have this old xBox 360 Kinect game called Disneyland Adventures and it is the exact replica of Disneyland right down to the trash can. It plays the music, you can meet the characters, have a virtual churro. It’s an awesome game and the rides are mini games where you help Goofy or Mickey or someone. Anytime I miss Disneyland or any Disney park, I play that and that helps a ton too.

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