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MMB Blog 001: All About Disney Snacks!

MMB Blog 001: All About Disney Snacks!

Hey, all I’m Sophie! Some of you may know me as now on Instagram @pixiedustandpunk, @pixiedustandpretzels or originally @pixiedustandmermaid tails (RIP old handles). Recently Disney has closed all resorts, stores and anything affiliated with the brand due to Coronavirus- which yes, means ALL DISNEY PARKS. This news, for most, puts a HUGE damper in their daily lives (jobs, everyday living, etc.) but also stops people from going on their awaited Disney trips and vacations. Hopefully, Disney will be back up and running soon enough and this horrible virus will end soon, but until then we can reminisce about the beloved favorites of Walt Disney World (Florida only today, sorry folks), SNACKS!!!


A little brief about me, I am originally from Chicago, IL, now Orlando resident as of June 2019. I THRIVED on my Disney trips. In the year of 2018, I literally went to Walt Disney World five times and Disneyland California once. My family has been taking me basically every year since I was two-year-old but took a break in middle school. When I met Cody, my fiancé, I made it my mission to transform him into a Disney-goer just the same. IT WORKED- now we live here!


My favorite part about the parks (used to be and still is) are the SNACKS- I’m a HUGE snack connoisseur. From salty to sweet, Disney has ALL the amazing snack options to try. There are some fan-faves that I do not like that I will be mentioning as honorable mentions. I’m here today to tell you my faves, and to make it easier, I’m going to break it down by TREAT, park and area (:



  • MICKEY PRETZELS: YOU GUYS. When I say I have an affinity for mickey pretzels you have no idea. Back when I used to travel to Disney world from Chicago I would dream about these things. For those of you who are living in a hole and don’t know what they are, they’re baked, mickey shaped pretzels. You can get them with the infamous plastic cheese, or you can have it plain, (obviously the cheese option is miles better). I already have a fixation with Auntie Ann’s pretzels that you get in the malls, but YOU GUYS. Mickey pretzels are where it’s at. You can get them in any park AND Disney Springs. Do yourself a favor and have one for me- or 12, but may the production of them NEVER END.
  • ICE CREAM COOKIE SANDWICHES: Pretty self-explanatory but they’re amazing. You can get them at the ice cream shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom and at Hollywood Scoops in Hollywood Studios. Never miss an opportunity to get a Disney World cookie, you will not be disanointed.


The worshiped MAGIC KINGDOM:

  • DOLE WHIP: Now, Dole Whips have been around for AGES, and most people have had at least one in their lifetime. I’m here to tell you the goods- you can get pure Dole whip, which is pineapple soft serve and DAIRY FREE, or you can get a swirl with vanilla soft serve as well which is more common. They also do DOLE WHIP FLOATS which changes seasonally. They have some fab ride-themed and character-themed floats from time to time and they’re usually pretty good if you’re looking for something refreshing and different. You can also get Dole whips at Disneys Polynesian Resort, (my FAVORITE resort on property), right by the lawn on the backside of the lobby.
  • LEFOU’S BREW: LeFou’s Brew can be located at Gaston’s Tavern by The Little Mermaid ride. It’s essentially frozen apple juice which is SUPER REFRESHING, with hints of marshmallow and passion fruit. I kid you not when I used to live in Chicago and would plan my Disney trips, I would make a list of all the food/snacks I had to eat, (hello OCD), and this would be right on there. It is a MUST.
  • GOURMET WAFFLES: You can get the two best gourmet waffle sandwiches EVER at Sleepy Hollow which is across the way from the Christmas store in Liberty Square. They have two waffles: Nutella and fresh fruit (drooling), and sweet and spicy chicken waffle with slaw inside. These are NOT small snacks- definitely a larger breakfast or lunch option but still a must.
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Caseys Corner on Main Street is a FAN FAVE. This is because they have foot-long hot dogs, cheese fries, chili cheese fries and CORN DOG NUGGETS. When I tell you people love these things I mean the place literally always has a line out the door for them. I’m not a fan, but Cody and most people are.


  • MARGARITAS: Obviously, you can’t go to the world showcase and NOT have a margarita. My faves are the Mayan Mule which is basically a Moscow mule but better and with tequila, (so it’s obviously better), and the strawberry margarita, (lame I know but TRY IT). You can get these outside the Mexico pavilion at Choza De Margarita or inside at La Cava Del Tequila.
  • SAKE: JAPAN FOR SAKE! You will not regret your choice when you go to the little hut outside Katsura Grill for violet sake. It’s so sweet and refreshing you will think you’re drinking candy.
  • ITALIAN MARGARITA: I can’t even explain to you enough that tequila and limoncello were made to have a baby. You can get this regularly at the ice cream/gelato stand in front of the perfume store, but it’s been pretty consistently served at all of the festivals.
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Festival season is basically all seasons at Epcot, but there are certain times of the year that there are no festivals going on. Festival food and drinks are a MUST- I can’t even tell you what’s good and what’s not because everything is literally incredible you will just have to go and see for yourself.

The incredible ANIMAL KINGDOM:

  • BOTO-RITA: This guava infused margarita can be found at the Nomad Lounge on Discovery Island. I LOVE guava, and we all know my love for margaritas so this drink is a must for me when I’m visiting Animal Kingdom. This lounge also has TONS of fun drinks which are always good.
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Since we’re talking about snacks here, this is an honorable mention because it’s a full-on meal. BOWLS at Satu’li Canteen! If you like Chipotle or not, these bowls are fabulous, healthy and unique. If you don’t believe me, try one or look them up! You can find Satu’li Canteen in AK’s Pandora.


SO that ends my spiel on all things snacks. Of course, I’m a foodie and love to eat- so there are TONS of sit down and table service restaurants that I love and would love to share, (maybe at a later date). I am now sad and starving for realizing I can’t have any of these things till the END OF THE MONTH, (PLEASE let it only be that long), so I’m going to go attempt to make myself a Boto-Rita at 11:40 in the morning. Wish me luck (:


-Sophie xoxo (@pixiedustandpunk)


Nov 08, 2020 • Posted by pyvxlluegl

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Mar 18, 2020 • Posted by Austin

Can we get an update on the Boto-Rita???

Mar 18, 2020 • Posted by Rachel O'Driscoll

I’m also a huge fan of snacks! A snack that I must have are the cream cheese filled pretzels. They are absolutely amazing! I also like the Sandpail Ice Cream bucket they have at the waterparks. I crave those!! I can’t wait for Disney to reopen because I miss the parks and their snacks.
As far as Disneyland goes, I love the bread bowls in California Adventure at Fisherman’s Warf Bakery. All the bread is made fresh and you can even take a tour of the bakery and try a sample of their sour dough.

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